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Frequently Asked Questions About Trike Conversions. Installation and Trouble Shooting Hints & Tips.

Q: Can I install the Frankenstein Trike conversion kit myself ?
A: We have designed all of our kits to be so that can be installed by the owner. General mechanical knowledge is required.

Q: Is it a straight axle?
A: No, it is a "fixed axle" with a Dana 30 Differential (spider gears) which allows the inside wheel to turn slower while turning a corner.
trike Conversion Kit differential spider gears

Q: Does Frankenstein Trikes offer independent suspension?
A: No, during the design process we looked closely at the pros and cons of both systems. Additional weight and additional parts only increases the chances of something malfunctioning. Handling is also a factor, while cornering independent suspension will have a tendency to lean outward (just the opposite of what most people perceive). Independent suspension does have an advantage on a very rough road, although the disadvantages outweigh this advantage. If you think we're wrong, take a look under the body of the H-D Tri glide and you will find a "fixed axle rear end".

Q: How much does the Frankenstein Sport Trike add to the bike?
A: 120-150lbs. compared to 300-700lbs. with other manufactures' kits.

Q: What size tires and rims fit on the axle hub?
A: The hub accepts Ford bolt pattern 5 on 4 1/2" with 1/2"-20 threaded studs. The wheels' suggested size is 15x8 with 3 1/4" back spacing or 15x10 with 3 5/8" back spacing. If you choose to use your own wheels and/or tires our fenders and brackets may not work. Call for assistance when customizing your Trike.

Q: Do I need dual outboard brakes?
A: Frankenstein Trike Kits come standard with one caliper and rotor. This single brake provides plenty of stopping power. We offer outboard brakes if you anticipate towing a trailer with a considerable load.

Q: Do I have to install raked Triple Trees?
A: We highly recommend installing raked triple trees when converting to a trike. We offer the "POWER STEER' Triple Trees for all of our kits.

Q: Would I have to change my shocks?
A: No, most Frankenstein Trike Kit applications accept stock shocks. In cases where they do not, we include shocks with the Kit.

Q: Do I have to change any of my electrical components?
A: No, our kits are designed to not affect any of the electrical components.

Q: Would I have to change my exhaust system?
A: Stock exhaust will not work when converting a bike to a Frankenstein Trike. Short exhaust are typically used. We offer exhaust solutions for your conversion.

Q: Is the Trike stable while taking corners?
A: Since it is using a differential and car tires, the trike is very stable. But just like riding a two-wheeler, you can't take a sharp corner without using your best judgment.

Q: Can I convert my motorcycle with a shaft drive?
A: Not with our kit, sorry.

Familiarize yourself with and inventory all components and hard ware in your trike kit before starting the installation.

Center caps on our wheels have a flange and should be installed from the back of the wheel before installing onto axle.

We recommend 25psi on our 15x8 tires.

Some customers have noticed grease on the axle housing, or coming from the bearing seal is this normal?
The bearings we use are high quality bearings. Often they are over packed with grease by the manufacturer, as they spin the friction causes heat and the excess grease begins to seep from the seal. This is normal and will subside.  (We have experienced very few cases where the bearing is failing, in every instance it was due to installation errors – not using supplied bolts for the pulley and incorrect spacer sizing have been the typical issues.)



? Changing brake pads. click here for instructions

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