FRANKENSTEIN TRIKES Complete Trike Kits for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. 9453 Trump Terr. - Pleasanton, KS. USA 1-913-352-6788


Frankenstein Sport Trike Kit for Harley-Davidson Sportster 2004 - 2022
Please Note: If you have a 2010-2022 Forty-Eight, 2011-2020 SuperLow, Custom click here.
sportster trike kit frankenstein trikes sportster H
  frankenstein trikes conusmer product review sportster trike happy customer Thanks so much for the kit, my wife and I love it! My dad is a mechanic by trade, and he said that, "looks like they got this rear end all figured out!" He was pretty impressed with it. read more  
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the original sport trike kit frankenstein trikes proudly made in pleasanton kansas usa
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